The commitments                        Mustang Sally

                                                              Midnight hour

ZZTop                                                 Tush

                                                              Rough Boy

Tina  Turner                                    Proud mary

Ben E. KIng                                       Stand by me

Ottis Redding                                  Dock of the bay

Eric Clapton                                     I shot the sheriff

Lenny Kravitz                                 It ain’t over till its over

                                                              Always on the run

Keziah Jones                                   Rythm is love

Toto                                                    Georgy porgy


                                                              Hold the line

Dire Straits                                      Money for nothing

Queen                                                Bohemian Rapsody

David Bowie                                   Rebel Rebel

Peter Gabriel                                  Sledge hammer

Huey Lewis                                      Power of love

Joan Jett                                            I love rock & roll

Steevie Wonder                             Superstitious

Police                                                 Message in the bottlle

                                                              Every breath you take


                                                              Walking on the moon

U2                                                        Where the streets have no name

                                                              New years day

Bon Jovi                                             Livin on a prayer

                                                              Bad name

Muse                                                   Resistance

                                                              Panic station

Genesis                                              Mama

                                                              Easy lover

Joe Cocker                                        Unchain my heart

                                                              You can leave your hat on

James Brown                                   Feel good

Chris Cab                                           Liar Liar

Bruno Mars                                      Uptown funk


                                                               Locked out in heaven

Prince                                                 Kiss

Daft Punk                                          Get lucky

Pharell Williams                            Happy

Lionel Richie                                    All night long

Chuck Berry                                     Johnny be good

Medley Rock ‘n Roll                      Jive bunny Medley

Medley Funk                                    Earth wind and fire

                                                               Kool and the gang

Jackson five                                      Medley

Maroon Five                                     Move like jagger

Tom Jones                                         Sexbomb

Jamiroquai                                        Little L

                                                               Cosmic girl

Pink Floyd                                         The wall

Deep Purple                                      Smoke on the water

Axel Bauer                                         Eteins la lumiere

Johnny Haliday                                Allumer le feu

J.J. Goldman                                       1,2,3

                                                       Quand la musique est bonne

                                                       Je te donne

                                                       Encore un matin

Téléphone                                         C’est vraiment toi


                                                       Un autre monde

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